Lynsey Race

Lynsey and WrenLynsey Race holds a Bachelor of Professional Arts in Governance, Law and Management from Athabasca University (2013) and a Masters in Gender and Social Justice Studies from the University of Alberta (2017). Lynsey was in the first cohort of students to graduate from the Master of Arts in Gender and Social Justice studies. Lynsey’s capstone paper for her Masters degree interrogated the accelerating rates of incarceration of women, and the impact this has on maternal health and children. Her paper will appear in Thriving Mothers/Depriving Mothers: Mothering and Welfare, eds. Karine Levasseur, Stephanie Paterson and Lorna Turnbull, Bradford, ON: Demeter Press, 2019, with Lorna Stefanick.

Lynsey is currently working towards a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Alberta (2019). Within this program, Lynsey was accepted to the scholar stream and will be working with Dr. David McConnell on ameliorating the psychosocial risk among mothers with intellectual disabilities. Lynsey will be conducting interviews with mothers with intellectual disabilities to better understand their perceptions of motherhood. 

Academic Awards:

Athabasca University Students’ Union Student Service Award (2016)

Government of Alberta Persons Case Scholarship (2014)

University of Alberta’s Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship (2014)

Athabasca University’s Community Leadership Scholarship (2012)

Athabasca University’s Academic Leadership Scholarship (2011)

Jason Lang Scholarship (2005, 2006)