Diana Pearson

DianaDiana Pearson completed a B.A. in Women’s Studies from Vancouver Island University (2017). She has published non-fiction in The Hampton Institute, Truth-out, Earth Common Journal, and Compass Rose, and creative non-fiction in Portal Magazine. Among her many research interests, some of her favourites include feminist analysis of medical literature, critical pedagogy of sexuality, the radical potential of polyamory, and the politics of sex-positive feminism. In her creative writing, Diana explores many of these topics through existential questions about the interplay between sexuality and subjectivity.

In the final year of Diana’s undergraduate degree, she wrote as a sex columnist for VIU’s undergraduate newspaper, The Navigator. Diana is also a lampworker (glass artist), creative writer, musician, holistic nutritionist, and sex-positive feminist. Her creative and entrepreneurial paths have been valuable experiences which have led to her interest in pursuing graduate studies at the University of Alberta.



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