Danika Jorgensen-Skakum


Update! Danika defended her Masters thesis, “Death Positivity and Death Justice in the Anthropocene,” on March 19, 2018.

Danika Jorgensen-Skakum has a B.A. in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Lethbridge (2015), and is now a thesis student in the MA program in Gender and Social Justice at the University of Alberta. Her thesis work investigates the Death Positivity Movement, and the social justice in dying – particularly in the face of mass extinction and the Anthropocene.

More broadly, her interests include feminist legal studies, sexual deviance, Foucault studies, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, transformative justice, prison abolitionism, critical prison studies, death studies, and the Anthropocene.

Conference Presentations

Danika Jorgensen-Skakum (2017), “Raising the Dead: Invoking Queer Spirit(s) in the Late Anthropocene,” presented at the Gender and Social Justice Conference, Edmonton, AB.

Danika Jorgensen-Skakum (2017), “‘Disgusting, Beautiful, Safe’: Exploring Queer Feminist Community through the Fourth Wave Freaks Zine in Southern Alberta,” presented at the Modern Languages and Cultural Studies (Dis)Connections Conference, Edmonton, AB.

Danika Jorgensen-Skakum (2016), “Harm Reduction Strategies: Safer Sex,” presented at the 7 Cities on Housing and Homelessness Conference, Calgary, AB.

David MacMain and Danika Jorgensen-Skakum (2016), “The Balance Between ‘Care’ and ‘Respect’: How to Encourage Participants and Staff in Fostering Independence,” presented at the 7 Cities on Housing and Homelessness Conference, Calgary, AB.

Honours and Awards

Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (SSHRC), 2017
Walter H. Johns Graduate Fellowship, 2017
Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) Semi-Finalist, 2017
Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship, 2017
Charles S. Noble Scholarship, 2012
Jason Lang Scholarship, 2012
Laurence Decore Award for Student Leadership, 2012
Student Speaker Challenge Semi-Finalist, 2012
Jason Lang Scholarship, 2011